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Coronavirus & Your Wedding Questions Answered Part 2

Coronavirus & Your Wedding Questions Answered Part 2

When we first sat in March discussing corona virus and the postponing of weddings in our last blog post we didn’t think that it would have such a lasting effect on the wedding industry. We wanted to update you with where we are now as a business, with weddings and our thoughts six months on.

We do understand it has been a very disappointing year for a lot of people and with still no vision for the remainder of 2020 being much clearer we wanted to answer some of the questions that have arisen with our couples lately;  

  1. Is Garthmyl Hall now officially open for weddings?

Yes, we can currently hold weddings with up to 30 guests here at the hall and we are really enjoying being back open.

  1. I am worried that my 2020 wedding may have to be cancelled, what is your venue’s policy on this?

Here at Garthmyl Hall we like you have to go day by day with what the government advice currently is for weddings in Wales. Earlier in the year we made the heart-breaking decision to postpone all weddings throughout the months of April – October 2020.

Following the guidance released in August, weddings are now able to take place with set regulations and 30 people, we have since given the majority of our 2020 couples the choice to  still go ahead with reduced numbers or postpone. We know it isn’t an easy decision and we’re here to support you and help guide you as best we can.

  1. I am worried that my 2021 wedding may now have to be cancelled or postponed, what is your views and venue’s policy on this?

We do believe there will be some clearer guidance on this soon and that we as an industry will get back to a new normal in 2021. We are not yet looking to move or contact any couples in regards to moving from 2021 at present.

If you did decide to cancel your wedding all together and we are still at that time open for business then this will be deemed as a standard cancellation and you will need to refer to the terms and conditions you had on booking the venue.

We understand that next year numbers may still be restricted in some way and that travel restrictions may effect some guests being able to come however we are unable to move already changed dates for this reason, we understand it’s not what you want to hear but this is now going to be the new normal for the foreseeable future and as a new business we can’t afford to lose two full years of weddings.

  1. Could we hold two weddings; one small ceremony now in 2020 on our original wedding date and one on our agreed postponed date?

Yes, this is something that we have done and we would be happy to discuss with you as an option. We would obviously need to issue an additional charge for the reduced numbers wedding.

  1. If we decide to cut down our numbers and go ahead on our planned date this year, could we hold a socially distanced wedding for 30 guests at Garthmyl Hall? What would have changed in the running of the day?

Yes, we have plenty of spaces inside here at the hall to hold a small wedding of 30 guests. The day would run the same as originally planned, suppliers can attend with signing in and out of the building and wearing the advised PPE, guests can still stay throughout the bedrooms and The Stables, the registrars can still attend as planned to confirm the legalities and food and drinks can still be served.

The changes would be that we would need to socially distance your guests in the ceremony, so the set up may look a little different to planned and also for your wedding breakfast. We would offer a table service for drinks and unfortunately we are not able to hold evening receptions (dancing) at present.

  1. How ceremonies would work at GH for 30 guests and socially distanced?

As mentioned ceremonies would need to be socially distanced; all people in attendance would need to sit 1 metre apart regardless of “bubbles” and households, space wise it is absolutely fine here as we have the space with the capacity to do so in the walled garden and ballroom. We would make the chairs look as aesthetically pleasing as possible and still create an aisle.

The registrars would come out as planned and hold the ceremony from a small distance so everything would still be legal. There are no set restrictions on music being played or walking down the aisle alone, you can still walk down as planned, without a mask if you wish and you can still kiss your bride / husband to be. If you want to discuss the ceremony regulations further please contact the Powys county registrar’s on the below contact details;

Email or

Tel          01597 827468

  1. Do we have to wear masks throughout the ceremony if we go ahead with the above option?

No, the bride and groom will not be asked to wear masks during the ceremony - however your guests now will and our staff members will do so when serving food or drinks.

  1. What happens if someone gets ill and can’t attend the wedding at short notice, or can no longer travel to our wedding? Is that grounds to postpone?

Unfortunately no, we understand it is really upsetting at the thought of some guests not being able to make your day but unless it is the bride or groom fall ill we must go ahead with proceedings.

  1. We’re worried about now not being able to afford the wedding as our circumstances have changed. What do you suggest?

We know this has been an awful time financially for a lot of people, we will strongly advise speaking to the venue and suppliers involved, be honest with the situation that you’re in and they might be able to put together an agreed payment plan in place for you or suggest some alternatives.

  1. We’re really confused and concerned about wedding insurance and what it covers?

It all depends on the cover that you took out at the time of purchasing your insurance; please refer to your insurers and their paperwork. We still 100% recommend all couples to take out wedding insurance and reading through all the small prints and documents before committing to one insurer.


Lastly please don’t lose sight of why you’re getting married, love isn’t cancelled.

If you wish to discuss a 30 person wedding further please don’t hesitate to contact Julia or Polly on and we would be happy to talk through all options.