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Coronavirus & Your Wedding Questions Answered

Coronavirus & Your Wedding Questions Answered


Firstly we want to say we’re truly sorry if you and your wedding has been effected in anyway by the Coronavirus pandemic throughout the UK right now. We understand it is a stressful and rather disappointing time for a lot of couples. We’ve put together some frequently asked questions below that may help you.

  1. I am worried that my wedding may have to be cancelled, what is your venue’s policy on this?

At the moment, here at Garthmyl Hall we like you have to go day by day with what the government advice currently is. We have now made the heart-breaking decision to postpone all weddings throughout the months of April, May and June. We are not planning on being closed any longer than we physically have to. All weddings from July onwards will go ahead as normal unless the government advise us to keep the current limitations. If we are made to close for longer than planned then we will in all cases possible work with you to postpone your wedding, we really don’t want to have to cancel any of our weddings.

If this is the case and we are required to close for longer and it falls over your wedding we will contact you straight away, we will give you a couple of dates to choose from and work with you to come up with a plan B. They may not be exactly what you had previously due to our availability. Please be aware we have to be flexible on both parties, you may be asked to look at midweek or a winter wedding instead.

If you did decide to cancel your wedding and we are still at that time open then this will be deemed as a standard cancellation and you will need to refer to the terms and conditions you had on booking the venue.


  1. I’ve lost my job and we’re worried about now being able to afford the wedding. What do you suggest?

We strongly advise speaking to the venue and suppliers involved, be honest with the situation that you’re in and they might be able to put together an agreed payment plan for you. We’re sure they would happily help you spread out payments that lose your business.  


  1. We currently can’t take out wedding insurance, should we keep trying?

You should definitely keep trying, we highly recommend to all of our couples to have insurance in place for lots of reasons. Unfortunately insurance companies are experiencing something totally new to them at the moment which means they are not taking on new clients and we are led to believe this will be for around 140 days.


  1. Will our current wedding insurance still cover us if we have to postpone our wedding date due to the venue being closed?

It depends on the cover that you took out at the time of purchasing your insurance. A lot are for the year that your wedding is situated in, however please refer to your insurers and their paperwork.


  1. I’m worried that one friend will not be able to make it, is it ok to cancel and postpone because of this reason?

Unfortunately no, we understand it is really upsetting at the thought of some guests not being able to make your day but there has to be set rules in place regarding movements for us as a business.


  1. We have been advised by the venue we need to postpone our wedding, should we go for a weekday, what are the benefits?

We personally think a midweek wedding has lots of great benefits. One main reason is the suppliers you want may have more availability for your “new date”. We know a lot of people in the industry are trying to be as flexible as they can with the volume of new dates as we are all in the same situation. Also just remember if you do go for midweek, the guests that want to be there will make sure they are.  


  1. If we agree to move to a new date, can we still have all of the onsite accommodation we originally wanted?

Yes, here at Gathmyl Hall all the couples that have booked The Stables will be allocated to dates where they are also all available for your guests to use.


  1. What will happen to our “one month invoice” that we still need to settle if we have agreed to postpone?

If you haven’t yet paid your one month invoice we are asking for half of the cost to be settled to the old wedding date terms and then the remainder of the invoice to be settled one month prior to the new wedding date.


  1. What if I can’t get the same suppliers for the new date?

This has only been an issue in one case for us, we are sure you will find someone else and we can help you find highly recommended alternatives. This is another reason why we and our suppliers are suggesting to consider a midweek date as you are a lot more likely to get everyone on board.


  1. What if we don’t like any of the dates you have this year or next for us?

Unfortunately you may not always get the desired date you wished for due to us being very booked up prior to the pandemic. We will always try to give you at least two options, however if you’re still unhappy we can suggest booking a new date in 2022 or 2023 for a surcharge. The last resort would be if you do have wedding insurance in place we advise claiming through that and cancelling in full.  


  1. I’m really upset and angry that we now have to compromise on the wedding we have spent so much time and money planning.

We really can see how awful this is for you, what we all have to remember is that a lot of people are all in the same situation, it is a hard time for everyone so please be kind and take a deep breath. Do not lose sight of why you were getting married in the first place, as hard as it seems at the moment please just imagine how much more amazing it will be once you get to have your wedding.  You will appreciate it all so much, having everyone you love around you, the laughter, dancing and the amazing memories you'll make. 


  1. We’re newly engaged, should I be worried about booking and looking at venues for my wedding in 2022?

Not at all, you should definitely keep looking, enquiring and planning your magical day.  


Please do email us if you have any queries, questions on anything we've covered above or you would just like to chat with us.