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Gin and Jazz Pizazz!

Gin and Jazz Pizazz!

Saturday 11th November saw our first ever Gin and Jazz evening - and it was great!

As a high-end wedding venue, we stock a lot of specialist gins that some people may not have heard of, and this event was the perfect way to share these amazing tipples with people in a fun and friendly way. 

The evening began with our welcome gin cocktail - 'Spicy Plums' which was a very festive infusion of Montgomeryshire Plum Gin, Disaronno, original Fever Tree tonic, cinnamon and a slice of plum! Pure heaven!!

To allow people to try out as many different gins as possible, we introduced three gin boards that comprised of differing quantities of gin and suitable accompaniments. This was an extremely popular way of coupling up the gin with the best tonic and everyone loved trying out gins that they wouldn't normally buy.




To make sure all that gin didn't go straight to people's heads, we also laid on a fantastic spread of tradtional tapas dishes, from smoked cheese croquets, to pork belly skewers with sticky chilli jam, which was a massive hit - everyone was full by the end!


The evening was set to a backdrop of chilled jazz which suited the mood of the evening perfectly. A great night was had by all, with everyone leaving knowing that little bit more about this fabulous drink!!