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How do you know you've found the right wedding venue?

How do you know you've found the right wedding venue?

Finding and booking the right wedding venue is often the first thing on a newly engaged couple's check list. This is because it often dictates the theme for your big day and it is also very difficult to book anything else until this has been done. Venues come in so many different shapes and sizes - converted barns, castles, marquess, tipis, rustic, traditional, contemporary. But how do you know when you've found the right one? Here are a few tips to point you in the right direction.

1. Does it reflect you as a couple?

If you both love the idea of saying 'I do' in a beautiful country manor house, then a rustic converted barn with hay bales for seats might not be the right venue for you. Stay true to yourselves, if it doesn't reflect you as a couple then it might not be the best venue choice for you.

2. Does it cater for all your requirements?

Having probably discounted any venues that don't meet the big criteria such as capacity and location, you need to then have a think about what you want from your venue and check to see if they can cater for it. For example...

  • If you are having a church wedding, can you have the reception and evening do at the venue? And if so, how far is the venue from the church - particularly important for when you are planning transport for guests.
  • Can you have the ceremony at the venue as well and have your whole wedding day under one roof? This can create a lovely relaxed atmosphere as there is no need to rush from one venue to another.
  • Are there plenty of beautiful photo opportunities? Photographers can work wonders these days, but having a stunning backdrop already at their fingertips will definitely help!!
  • Will you have exclusive use of your venue? Some venues host more than one wedding per weekend, whereas others allow you to have the venue for the whole weekend, giving you ample time to set up the day before, get settled in, and not worry about early check out times. You need to decide whether this is something that is important to you.
  • Can you put up that tipi style tent in the grounds that you've always dreamed of?


3. Can you 'see' yourself getting married there?

Approaching the decision making in a practical way is all well and good, but what about on an emotional level? This is where instinct and first impressions come into play. If you simply can't invisage your big day at a certain venue then it probably isn't the venue for you. Some places that you visit will just click and you can see the day playing out in your head. When this happens - book!