The original Garthmyl Hall (know as Garthmill house then) was built in the 16th century by the Jones family, they lived there for several hundred years.

In the late 18th century the black and white house suffered a fire, as a result the present red brick house was built further west around 1810 and the old house was taken down, some of the old beams were used to build parts of the stable block.

In 1858 the hall and part of the estate, approximately 500 acres was bought by General Gold who’s wife was a sister of John Naylor, a millionaire banker. General Gold employed architect of the time James Collingwood to enlarge the property which is when they added the Drawing room with conservatory which was taken down at a later date (we want to reinstate this with in the next few years) He also extended the servants areas, coachman’s cottage and created the sunken garden.

In 1883 the hall was bought by Mrs Harriett Humphreys after Major Golds death. The house remained in the Humphreys family until 1985 when Mr John Beatty bought the hall.

The hall was then purchased by Tim Morrow and Nancy Williams who turned the hall into a hotel and then sold the property to the Liney family in 2003 who lived in it as a family home.

Then in October 2015 the Pugh family bought the hall to convert it into a high end wedding and event venue. The Pugh’s are a local family who have a well established agricultural business in the near by Mellington which is run by Robert and Caroline Pugh and their eldest daughter Emma Leah. Their youngest daughter Julia Pugh has been a wedding and event planner for over 5 years and her passion sits with in this industry. For any more information please contact us here.


Former owner Christine Churchill officially opening Garthmyl Hall on April 23rd with Julia Pugh.

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"When we were planning our wedding - Julia was amazing and having her to bounce ideas off truly made the experience a lot more enjoyable. She was brilliant at listening and offering ideas that complemented or improved the thoughts we were having... Read More

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